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Volleyball Positions

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Volleyball positions vary based on age, style of play and competitive level. It’s generally encouraged for younger players to try all the positions before focusing in on one or two of their favorites. In the indoor game, there are three “front row players” and three “back row players” during each point. Players rotate one position clockwise after winning a point that the opposing team served.


There are three main hitting positions: left, right and middle. Left and right hitters pass, attack and block balls for their team.


These players often play in the front right or back right position and are normally the first player to serve. Their job is to set the ball for the hitters to attack it.


These players play in center position of the front row and focus on blocking and spiking the ball.


This player wears a different color jersey than his or her teammates and is restricted to playing in the back row only. Liberos are tasked with receiving the serve, passing to the setter and digging incoming attacks.

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